Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Review: The need by S.L. Hannah

This is a phenomenal book, with an exquisite writing style.  Completely captivated, you enter a dangerous and luring world between two women. The plot is clever and it really has a story that you want to follow. Brilliant! A fun and horrifying book to read. The author is very talented and I'll probably be purchasing more of her books sometime, but The need is completely riveting.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Reveiw: Every you, every me by David Levithan

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This book really toys with your mind in a good way, not in a weird alien way. This book makes you think. It makes you become really attached to the characters. You're not reading this book you're IN this book. The plot in this book is simply amazing and with the way it is, It's easily one of my favorites. It's so different Than mostly anything on the market and I love every aspect of it, David levithan is my favorite author for this reason, all of his books that I've read are all so different and perfectly written. I don't just recommend this book I really really really actually want you to read it.

5/5 Stars. This book is my SHIT.

Reveiw: Eleanor and park By Rainbow Rowell

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This book had me going though so many emotions. Which is a great thing. This is a book with a love story, but also with an abuse scenario, And the adoration for the small things. After reading this I can tell you that I'm glad an author like this is on the earth because this book is so unique. I love how the characters are so flawed and broken. It's real life in fiction, this book. I highly recommend this. It's made me laugh, smile, cry all in probably ten minutes of reading it.

It deals with bullying and verbal/ physical abuse, but it's amazing. The book can probably open some people's eyes who aren't so aware. 5/5 Stars.

Reveiw: Boy Meets Boy by David Levithan

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I read this book when I was in the sixth grade. It was the first book I've ever fell in love with. Its a pick me up read for me, The love interest is between two boys. Paul and Noah. These two boys have been my best friends since I've read about them. Am I crazy? Maybe. Probably. But this is a must read in my book, (puns, ha) And I'm currently re reading it  for the second time, that's how terrific I feel this book, and this author, is. The plot, the characters, the ending are all perfect to me and I cannot express my love for this book enough. But long story short, This book is one that you would never regret reading. It's not just a cute love story it has depth.

If you're a homophobe, Then this isn't so much for you. And you aren't my cup of tea either.
5/5 stars. I love this book. It's addicting.
Basically anything by David Levithan are must reads.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Leibster award

Hello, Savannah speaking.  We were nominated for the liebster award via Instagram by an awesome girl!
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And I'm surprised anybody has read any of our posts so here goes nothing.
((((This is an award so that bloggers can get to know each other ))))
*Link back to the person who nominated you
*Give 11 random facts about yourself
*awnser the 11 facts your nominator asked
*nominate 11 bloggers
*Come up with 11 random facts for your nominees and inform them that you've nominated them

Random facts:
1: Im watching the show Looney toons right now!
2: I have an obsession with ramen noodles
3: I refuse to eat pizza rolls anymore due to puking them up once
4: I have 2 dogs
5: I named my fish table  
6: I still sleep with a stuffed animal (which I named mattress)
7: I'm a lonely person
8: I'm a weird person
9: im a quiet person
10: I really like cake
11: I don't really like to watch Television unless its cartoons!

11 questions asked by my nominator:
1: What is your all time favorite book?
      Ugh, this is a hard one, probably for all bibliophiles. A series would be Monument 14 by emmy laybourne, and A stand alone would be boy meets boy by David levithan.

2: Who is your favorite author?
      My favorite author is David Levithan.

 3: Pristine or damaged book?
      I know a lot of people prefer pristine because of how clean and neat they are, but I personally prefer old damaged books because of how much memories they old in just their cover.

4: Is cracking the spine of a book acceptable in your eyes?
   Yes, because it can be easy to lay out on a table instead of having to hold it out to read it and it gives it that old looking affect but I hope the books dont feel it. I don't personally do it unless my book is way too tightly bound.

5: Favorite snack to eat while reading?
     I have no idea why, but popcorn.

6: Most hated and most favorite genre?
    My favorite genre is either contemporary, mystery, horror, humor , fantasy, mythology, fairy tale, folktale.... Haha I can't choose ! And I don't hate any of them! im sorry.

7: Favorite reading weather?
    My favorite weather to read is Autumn weather - not too hot, not too cold, oversized sweaters and leaves! Its my favorite season.

8: Do you like complete silent while reading or background noise?
  I prefer background noise over silence if its not something I'm interested in, otherwise I'll get distracted.

9: Favorite book to movie adaptation?
   Hmm, I don't watch much movies but Speak by Laurie halse Anderson because the movie
Stayed true to the book!

10: E-books or physical copies?
    This is a question very dear to my heart. Definitely physical copies, for me ebooks are bleh. I'd only read a sample of a book online to see if I wanted it. I NEED a physical copy!

11: Why did you start your blog?
      We started this blog because we wanted more ways to communicate with the book community and give our opinions on books, as well as get our fix on books in yet another way.

11 Questions for the nominees!:

1: How do you keep track of the page you're on?

2: Favorite series? Why?

3: Favorite stand alone? Why?

4: Number of books you own?

5: How is your shelf organized?

6: Books read so far this year?

7: Library checkout or buying books?

8: Paperback or Hardcover?

9: Old or new?

10: Favorite genre?

11: Why do you read?

(click on them for blog)
1: AThousandWordsAMillionBooks
2: HayaIsReading
3: RamblingsOfATeenageBookNerd
4: Just_books_and_me
5: Nicole_In_Neverland
6: Book.Beat
7: AnomalLousBibliophile
8: Emma_Lane_87
10: Carizepeda222_reads
11: Kinda_Bookish

(Usernames listed are from Instagram, click on for blog)
Thank you and love your blogs! �� Comment when you're done so I can check it out!


Friday, April 24, 2015

Review: All the bright places by Jenifer Niven

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This book is one of my all time favorites.
It built me and it broke my heart simultaneously. I love this book and I love the back story on the authors inspiration for it. You know its a good book when it touches your heart and makes you cry while throwing chairs. I related so deeply to this book and if you are going through something and are contemplating suicide or self harm or anything or understand the concept or even if you don't, read this book.
Highly recommended.
Everything about this book was so crazily perfect, how it was set up, the characters, the settings, Even the cover and the authors acknowledgment was perfect. It also has websites for people who have personal problems in this book, You need it!
Life changing. 
Depression, suicide, and coping with a loss are just small categories among many that I could put this book into. Its beautiful and heart wrenching. 5/5 stars.

Review: Delirium by Lauren Oliver

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At first, Delirium was a drag. I didn't get into it until the middle-ish. After I got into it, I really got into it. It captivated me. I loved it. Although this is a series, I decided not to continue with it. Just because I feel it's good as a solo and I didn't want to know what happened. I've heard bad and good things about the series but I really liked Delirium. Give it time, And maybe you will too!
Love, hurt, finding yourself and what's right. 4/5 stars.