Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Review: Breaking Butterflies

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Hello! I've recently read the book Breaking butterflies by M. Anjelias (?) And it was a very good piece of work. I read it in two days, and its not very big at all. The characters were perfect and the plot was superb, the only problems I have with this book would be that I expected more than I received. I thought it'd be a lot more emotional but I'm pretty sure I didn't cry once. I'd give it 4/5 stars just because it downplayed my expectations. But it was amazing and I highly recommend it!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Review: The impossible knife of memory

~No spoilers~
Well, First things first if you've never read Laurie Halse Anderson's books, and you enjoy contemporary, Life journey, realistic teen fiction, GO BUY A BOOK BY HER. She is amazing. Even if you don't like the genre. She's amazing. She's a beautiful writer and Her books are exquisite. This book, the impossible knife of memory, Is of course very good in my opinion based on the writing style.
Now inserting description of book
Hayley is the daughter of a veteran, and his PTSD colors every aspect of their lives. After serving his country, Andy is trying to rebuild some stability for himself and his daughter, but each day is a challenge for them both. Hayley lives with the constant threat of her father harming himself or others while also dealing with feelings of abandonment after essentially losing her parental figures. She copes through snark and skepticism but begins to let her guard down when her charming, easygoing classmate, Finn, gives her a much-needed taste of normal teenage life. A relationship with Finn opens the door to the possibility of trusting again, but it's not easy. Through Hayley's tenuous search for balance, Anderson explores the complicated nature of perception and memory, and how individuals manage to carry on after experiencing the worst. Readers will be thoroughly invested in this book's nuanced cast of characters and their struggles.

It does deal with some "Mature content", some would say. But I'm extremely comfortable with that and I'd rate it  5/5 stars.
Overall, This book has very intriguing characters and deals with things that expand your knowledge and how you see things. Its very vivid and lovely, Painful but lovely. Pick up this book, and I dare you to put it down.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Introduction to our blog

Hello! We are two Thirteen year old book obsessed weirdos. Our names are Savannah and Abby, and we have been best friends since kindergarten, and are now in Eighth grade. We have an Instagram (A.bibliophiles.dreams) as well as an upcoming booktube, And we thought we'd make a blog also! So here it is. We'll post reviews, Overviews, Rants, And anything else that may pop into our heads. This will be Based upon books, and you can request anything in the comments. Enjoy! ~Savannah and Abby