Sunday, July 19, 2015

Reveiw: Every you, every me by David Levithan

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This book really toys with your mind in a good way, not in a weird alien way. This book makes you think. It makes you become really attached to the characters. You're not reading this book you're IN this book. The plot in this book is simply amazing and with the way it is, It's easily one of my favorites. It's so different Than mostly anything on the market and I love every aspect of it, David levithan is my favorite author for this reason, all of his books that I've read are all so different and perfectly written. I don't just recommend this book I really really really actually want you to read it.

5/5 Stars. This book is my SHIT.

Reveiw: Eleanor and park By Rainbow Rowell

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This book had me going though so many emotions. Which is a great thing. This is a book with a love story, but also with an abuse scenario, And the adoration for the small things. After reading this I can tell you that I'm glad an author like this is on the earth because this book is so unique. I love how the characters are so flawed and broken. It's real life in fiction, this book. I highly recommend this. It's made me laugh, smile, cry all in probably ten minutes of reading it.

It deals with bullying and verbal/ physical abuse, but it's amazing. The book can probably open some people's eyes who aren't so aware. 5/5 Stars.

Reveiw: Boy Meets Boy by David Levithan

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I read this book when I was in the sixth grade. It was the first book I've ever fell in love with. Its a pick me up read for me, The love interest is between two boys. Paul and Noah. These two boys have been my best friends since I've read about them. Am I crazy? Maybe. Probably. But this is a must read in my book, (puns, ha) And I'm currently re reading it  for the second time, that's how terrific I feel this book, and this author, is. The plot, the characters, the ending are all perfect to me and I cannot express my love for this book enough. But long story short, This book is one that you would never regret reading. It's not just a cute love story it has depth.

If you're a homophobe, Then this isn't so much for you. And you aren't my cup of tea either.
5/5 stars. I love this book. It's addicting.
Basically anything by David Levithan are must reads.